Walk on Earth

Wind rustles through my smooth hair,

I breathe in a huge chunk of cold air.

My feet sink into the grass so lush,

My nerves feel an earthly emotional rush.

Pink fingertips feel wet dark tree barks,

Ages of fading bear claw marks.

A drop of sun flows over smooth blush cheek,

Above the canopy begins to leak.

Green of all kinds towers above me,

Crayons molten into nature all around to see.

A leaf leaves life and falls to the ground,

Death bed and birthplace for all life that mound.

Blankets of leaves lie underneath,

Not one tree affected in weaving a fallen wreath.

Mushrooms bloom over damp dead bodies,

Bees hover over majestic morning glories.

There’s peace in the restless forest sounds,

There’s absolution in the ecosystem that surrounds.

— the incomplete verse

6 thoughts on “Walk on Earth

  1. A “leaf leaves life”. I LOVE that.


  2. aaratrikasblog90261 22nd October 2018 — 3:53 am

    Just a few words is more than what this poem deserves as a compliment. But its Magnificent and it touched my soul and made this morning better. ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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