I used to love him

“I used to love him, you know.” I half hearted said remembering the old days of us sipping coffee while watching the sunrise.

“The groom?” He asked raising an eyebrow as he ate a spoonful of pudding.

“Yes.” I nodded “He broke my heart, my first heartbreak to be precise. Telling me how I wasn’t worth him and everything a dramatically tragic love story ends at.” I chuckled trying to sound unaffected.

“Well, that’s good. I need to personally thank him. He did me quite a huge favour on this.” He smiled at me while rubbing the diamond ring he bought me a year ago for our wedding.

“You bet.” I helplessly laughed intertwining his fingers in mine.

-the incomplete verse



He told me “Go live your life and let me live mine.” While he let go of my ugly boney hand he found beautiful on me.


How could I breathe when he was the air surrounding me.

How could I see when he was my light even during sunrises.

How could I eat when he was the flavour of love in my memories.

How could I smile when he was the laughter I resonated.

How could I cry when he was the one who would kiss the tears away.

How could I live when he was the pulse in my arteries.

“How could I live without you?” I asked.

The answer was “I could if I live with myself.”

Alas, he didn’t answer and I couldn’t figure out untill I died.

– the incomplete verse