In what words does one define humanity? Is humanity qualified enough to define itself?

In my opinion, humanity refers to the force that we are. By we, I do not limit myself to the mere existence of Human Beings. But our symbiosis with the entirety of the universe. Our relationship with every life form, every animate as well as inanimate existence. What we offer the nature and what we take from it.

Humanity is how this infinity works towards it’s betterment—towards peace. Towards preserving nature, preventing war, feeding hunger, quenching thirst and most of all loving. Still, we continue futile attempts to become superior.

It’s loving at its purest, rawest form. I believe when we were created from stardust and explosions, it was love for life, the desperation to cling onto living that brought such diversity to the cosmos. Yet, one greedy species ruins the balance, the cycle of give and take and ironically does so in the name of—humanity.

To be truly human one must serve. Serve the one’s he love and love everything. Preserve.

Ask yourself this.

  1. Have you made yourself happy today?
  2. Did you do something, however small, for someone?
  3. Did you preserve nature?

It doesn’t need to be a huge step or a lengthy list. Saying a nice hello to someone. Switching off the fan when not in use. Sharing food with hungry dogs. Little things like these must do the trick.

Do little, but surely. And work towards humanity. Towards love and peace. Serve oneself.

-the incomplete verse


5 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. I must say that today I was feeling quite depressed because of some consequences of my actions. Though, whenever I’m writing on my blog, I forget every misfortune in my life and act to please my readers. That is what keeps me happy. Writing for my readers.


    1. You’re doing great. Pleasure in sharing one’s art is the kind that is unique to one and oddly satisfying. Like piece by piece completing oneself in others.


      1. Yes, the completion with the others as if we are Yins and Yangs that need to be united into one perfect person.

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