Her eyes reflected galaxies in the dark and colors during day.

He knew she was infinite and that scared him, seeing himself as a mere spec inside that stargazer’s nebula.

He saw the cloud chaser and knew the black hole within him couldn’t take her in without exploding.

So, he blew up like another infinitesimal star dying on her.

Shooting stars, colors, smoke and dreams.

But, she continued carrying stars and smoking clouds.

Keeping the memory of him as close to her as the fire of the sun and the calm of the moon and everything in between.

The dusk and the dawn.

– the incomplete verse

6 thoughts on “Stargazer

  1. I read these words and gasped aloud. They were like a streak of lightning, illuminating every dark shadow with truth, charging through my veins. For I am she, and he was the supernova, and even now, all I can see is his distant, faded light, and dream of stars.

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    1. I know, right. How some people remain there forever even if they’re not there in material. It’s not like they didn’t love you back. They couldn’t contain the grandeur, the whole that is you.

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