I used to love him

“I used to love him, you know.” I half hearted said remembering the old days of us sipping coffee while watching the sunrise.

“The groom?” He asked raising an eyebrow as he ate a spoonful of pudding.

“Yes.” I nodded “He broke my heart, my first heartbreak to be precise. Telling me how I wasn’t worth him and everything a dramatically tragic love story ends at.” I chuckled trying to sound unaffected.

“Well, that’s good. I need to personally thank him. He did me quite a huge favour on this.” He smiled at me while rubbing the diamond ring he bought me a year ago for our wedding.

“You bet.” I helplessly laughed intertwining his fingers in mine.

-the incomplete verse

12 thoughts on “I used to love him

  1. I liked this, a great, little story 😊

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  2. nice one !

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  3. Very heart touching story!!
    One must move on if the person they are with treat that they are not worthy.

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    1. That very thought is what I’m promoting.

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      1. And you’re nailing it 😊

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  4. Very nice. Short and sweet.

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