He told me “Go live your life and let me live mine.” While he let go of my ugly boney hand he found beautiful on me.


How could I breathe when he was the air surrounding me.

How could I see when he was my light even during sunrises.

How could I eat when he was the flavour of love in my memories.

How could I smile when he was the laughter I resonated.

How could I cry when he was the one who would kiss the tears away.

How could I live when he was the pulse in my arteries.

“How could I live without you?” I asked.

The answer was “I could if I live with myself.”

Alas, he didn’t answer and I couldn’t figure out untill I died.

– the incomplete verse


11 thoughts on “GO LIVE

  1. This is wonderful

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  2. Thanks for following my blog n happy blogging.

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  3. Love how you portray the emotions..

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